About Us


Mangobone offers post-project marketing and site support services to get websites off the ground and visited. We will assemble a creative business plan to market your website and create unparalleled site awareness. We know that each and every website is unique and the marketing effort needs to be tailored as such.

We coordinate, with our strategic partners, services beneficial to our clients including powerful and reliable hosting on high-speed, reliable and secure web server equipment. Your website will remain accessible, without downtime, and deliver web content to your visitors in a bandwidth-efficient manner.

Some websites require some degree of up-keep to maintain up-to-date, dynamic content. Mangobone can provide timely updates for clients that wish to outsource their web maintenance duties. Maintenance activities include
adding pages, incorporating e-commerce functionality, designing custom graphics, updating copy, custom artwork design, adding/removing/updating products, developing content-management solutions and more.

If your site is missing a certain luster or a competitor's site is a cut above yours, you may want to consider site redevelopment. With today's fast-moving web technology, only sites that keep up with the pace will stand above the rest. Mangobone can spruce up your site by giving it a more professional and up-to-date appearance, incorporating more impressive technology and providing a built-in marketing boost. Your site can be made quicker to download, easier to navigate and more pleasurable to view and use.

Put some pizzazz into your email newsletter campaign. From dynamic email notifications to full-blown creative animated designs, Mangobone can give your email content the attention it deserves and the readership you expect. When your company's image is at stake, Mangobone can help get the word out in style.


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